Name: Toubib

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Race: Human-born Freak

Bio: Toubib wasn't much of driven person. He lazed about in his house, mainly to hide. He was once a famous doctor but was never proud of it. With his ability to heal with simple energy, he thought it was too dangerous for patients with little to no energy. Seeing it was better for the world to not depend on such a dangerous person. He decided to travel around, not wanting to form a tying bond with a "normal" race. It wasn't until he came across a carnival featuring Circus de Sang. Watching the performances, he was welcomed inside. For some reason, they knew he was special. Being reluctant, he joined along but wasn't willing to get very close. That was when he was 30. He now loves everyone dearly and is often called "Pops". He may smoke and lay about, but he's always willing to talk.

Physical Appearance: He's got a bad slouch and a cigarette in his mouth. His hair is a dirty sand color, having sideburns and a bit of scruff. He's very large but not fat. Just husky. He wears a blue collar shirt and a good pair of jeans. His hair's a spiky mess and has eyes of spring green. He wears a leather bracelet with a heart on it, from a past person of his. 

The End

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