Name: Guérisseur

Age: 1000 years old. Looks change depending on the season

Gender: Male

Race: Cursed Human

Bio: Guérisseur was born in 1913, living life as he pleased. He wasn't selfish but he did have taste. He lived normally until one day, his mother died. After a couple years, his father married a... witch. Now she was nice but, a bit strange. She would sing him to sleep, but was often talking about demons. Though when he explored his new mother's room, he found a small vile that was green. Taking a gulp, he didn't mind. Though as time went by... he never died. He stopped aging at 18, watching everyone around him die. Though he was able to train his new found telepathic/foresight power, he was entirely alone. Wandering the world for sometime, he didn't mind changing age with seasons. After a half-decade or two, Circus de Sang was noticed. He easily joined them, the founders having a sort of reoccurrence to him. 

Physical Appearance: When he is young, he has dark skin and eyes that glow gold. His hair is a dark hazel, always tied back in a ponytail. Though as he ages, he looks more like a Buddhist monk. He wears Buddhist robes as well, but are of white and silver color. He carries a dragon cane everywhere with him. 

The End

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