Name: Soldat

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human Mental Patient/Freak

Bio: Soldat was born in a war. Literally, an actual war. Soldat's mother had given birth to her at the wrong place, and wrong time. Her medical tent was ambushed by enemy soldiers, killing her mother, a nurse and her dad. This left her with PTSD and a missing eye. Hoping to get her back on track, they sent her to an Institute. Often it was hard for her to adjust, loud noises causing her to jump and curling into a ball on instinct. Her dreams never left her alone, though she had a strange ability. She had the ability to fix electrical and arsenal problems with little, but her hands and some lying around tools. Though a man with a clown look was able to check her out. He had her join Circus de Sang, hoping she would help with the lighting. Soldat was happy to help.

Physical Appearance: She has a white eyepatch, her other eye being a dark green color. Her hair is a short bob cut while her side bangs are to her neck, her bangs covering her forehead. Her hair resembles strawberries, being a gentle red. Her clothes are her father's military jacket, mother's military boots and a white, thick strapped dress. She's about 5'5" and thin. 

The End

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