Name: Écho

Age: 16-17 

Gender: Male

Race: Human Experiment

Bio: Being brought up in a lab, he was a little albino boy. Placed in a setting for the unwanted, he was free game for experimentation. The experimentation that actually worked was animal DNA injection and telepathic shock treatment. They hoped for him to be an ideal pet of sorts. A nurse, which was a motherly figure, sacrificed herself to help him escape. There, he gained Pénombre (having no knowledge yet of him) and ran into the mansion, collapsing out of exhaustion. After waking, he had no memory of his life at the lab and assumed he had lived at the mansion for a long while. For a year he stayed at the mansion, until he was recruited by Circus de Sang. He is often taught by an immortal man who has the same power of telepathy. 

Physical Appearance: He is a sort of lavender-y boy, his fuzzy hair and ears giving a vibrant color of white with a purple hue. His scarf (given by Pénombre) is a teal color while he wears a dress shirt and grey spandex. His boots are purple as well as his eyes. Sadly, he doesn't seem to talk. He comes about 5'4" around people. 

The End

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