Name: Néon

Age: 5 but appears to be 19 due to intelligence

Gender: Male 

Race: Human Experiment/Organic Artificial Intelligence 

Bio: He was raised in a lab at a very young age, having a very emotional output. At age 5, he had a computer core inserted into the frontal lobe of his brain. Being raised as an intelligence base, he had very little room for emotional development. The lab was evacuated due to a virus, leaving him alone. That is until a pair of investigators found him, a girl with PTSD and the co-founder of Circus de Sang found him in a small corner. After fixing him up a bit, he was joined to help program within Circus de Sang. The girl who found him often helps him, trying to get to know him better. 

Physical Appearance: He wears a headset, which resemble headphones. Don't worry, he's not listening to music, though he can when he likes. Most of him glows a bright green, kinda like a glow-stick but brighter! He expresses his emotion through his glasses (that oddly look like Martin Margiela glasses) as color. Kinda like a mood ring. He wears a sleeveless shirt of black and green lines. His gloves, boots, and hair are a light blue. Though his pants are just light green. He's about 5'7".

The End

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