Name: Pénombre

Age: 246

Gender: Unspecified

Race: Twilight Demon 

Bio: Pénombre was born in a very VERY big family. Lilith being his mother, he had many siblings to joke, play and fight with. Due to the adaptation of the world recently, he tried not to fight... as much. The twilight demon now is a pacifist, and prefers to stay out of most worldly conflict, whether it be from either worlds. Wandering for decades, he followed/guarded a boy named Écho as his shadow. They lived a mansion for a long while, until he discovered a flyer for Circus de Sang. Noticing the want for new people, he guided Écho to their leader. He follows around Écho still, for just-in-case purposes. 

Physical Appearance: Pénombre has a shadowy-blue completion, his eyes a cerulean blue color. His eyes and his appendages glow, which is pretty sweet. He wears black shorts, gold armlets, and a gold belt with a purple-y gem in it's middle. His hair is a little shaggy and wavy. It's black with aquamarine highlights. His horns are gold and a bit short, and has blue lines down his face. They resemble tear streaks almost. He's about 5'10".

The End

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