Name: Hèritère

Age: 19

Gender: Male 

Race: Human Experiment

Bio: Hèritère was not the sort of fellow who liked to be alone. Due to the fact that he didn't have a family besides a bunch of fish, it wasn't much of a choice. Living in a lake across from a house, he would often play with a little girl who also loved fish. Hours upon hours, they would play as children do. Having found a way to not feel lonely, he often called her Little Sis (as she called him Big Brother). Though after a day of playing, they were kidnapped by a scientist. Injecting him with shark's DNA, he gained rather odd abilities. After killing him for the sake of hunger, he ran with his little sister to an old barn. Finding a book of spells there, he decided to take up the craft. During his walk around town, he heard of a place called Circus de Sang. Hoping to find a place there, he wandered until the traveling circus found them.

Physical Appearance: Very tall for his age, Hèritère is 6'0". He has dark blue skin and gills to go with them. Plus he has fins where his ears should be. He's got deep brown hair and ocean eyes with dots of blood. Plus, he was shark teeth, so be careful.  He wears a Prince's suit from the 1600's  that's purply and black with blood splatters. He wears a gold chain with a fish on it, given to him by his little sister. 

The End

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