Name: Aveugles

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human-Born Freak

Bio: Aveugles didn't really see the world for how it was. He heard, felt and tasted what it was. Growing up with his mother, he was rather indifferent about his sight. She would always tell him how special and gifted he was, praising him for being so smart. Despite believing otherwise, he always believed that his mother loved him. When he went to school in 10th grade, he was nearly ran over by a school bully. The so-called reason was "because freaks with your kinda eyes shouldn't be here." Aveugles didn't really care all that much, he went on like normal and got through school. After his 19th birthday, he was jumped by a couple of hoodies and was nearly beaten to death. If it weren't for a young man with swirling eyes, he would've been left on the curb to die. Finally finding someone a lot like him, Aveugles was happy to help the boy in his plan to create a sanctuary for "freaks, mentals, and misfits" Thus he came up with the idea of Circus de Sang with him. 

Physical Appearance: Bleach blond hair that's straight and nearly covers his pink/purple eyes. He hides them behind the same color of lenses, having a strange power to them. He wears a leather jacket with blue flames at his sleeves. His skinny jeans are the same as well, and he always wears a silver bracelet with half of a heart made of fishbone from a special friend of his.

The End

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