Name: Souffrant

Age: 22

Gender: Human-Born Freak

Bio: Souffrant was not a happy boy to start off with. He was raised by a very old grandmother, who was very sweet but was sickly. They would have wonderful times together, when she was able to get around. One day, they went to a carnival and saw sign that read: "Come See The Freaks of The Human Race!" He asked if he was a freak, being born as he was. She shook her head, explaining that there are no such things but rather misunderstood people. Walking through the sight, he looked at the people of misunderstood judgement and felt sympathy. Since then, he often thought of ways to help save "freaks" like himself but take on revenge for the "normal" folks who would never understand. At age 17 when his grandmother longed passed, he had found a young man beaten by a crowd. Defending the man, he learned that the man was also different. Together, they came up with a plan called Circus de Sang.

Physical Appearance: He has short, spiky hair of olive green that is natural. His eyes are swirls of blue and red, giving him a hypnosis look. He wears a leather suit that is adorned with buckles and chains. His teeth are much like a vampires and has the complexion of an albino. 

The End

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