Name:  Désenivrer

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human Mental Patient

Bio:  Désenivrer was always a rather strange child. He was the child of a single dad, with 1 brother. Growing up rather ignored but well kept, he spent most of his days inside.  Désenivrer was often fond of carnivals that would show on t.v., especially taking a fondness to clowns. He would take white makeup and paint most of his face, practicing to use the unicycle and juggle clubs. Seeing them always laugh, he had made it a thing to always be happy. But then again, due to the fact he had Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), he was almost never happy. Finding a bottle vodka, he took his first drink at 11. Finding himself more happier then ever, it was common for him to drink. Though when without a drink, his malevolence definitely made its mark. In grade 8, he killed a kid, who called him a name, with his metal, juggling balls. Sent to an Institute for the Clinically Insane, he would have outbursts and frequent attempts at murder. One night, an old friend of blue and red eyes broke him out with his friend with no sight. They started a carnival called Circus de Sang, a haven for rejects, freaks and the mental. Using their skills, not only would they get revenge, they also learn to how to have a good time.  

Physical Appearance:  Désenivrer is a lanky man of 6'1". Having a thin frame, he has dark tan skin and long, dark blue hair that's curly. His face is often covered white with orange eye makeup and purple lips like the popular Joker from Batman, but much bigger. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt that has a grinning pumpkin on it's front. His pants are orange with black and purple diamonds. He often carries around a black, shiny clown horn. 

The End

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