1: HèritièreMature

These are all my lovely little Circus de Sang characters! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do.

Name: Hèritière 

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human Experiment/Fish-girl/Mermaid

Bio: Hèritière was born into a lovely family as it seemed, living in an old Victorian house in London. Her home was shared with 5 other brothers. Being the youngest, she was often forgotten and left alone. She found her joy in playing with a boy who lived across the lake from her. They would swim and laugh together. During the night, they would always stay close and watch the stars. One day, a man in white took her and the boy to his lab. He placed shark DNA into the boy and dolphin DNA into Hèritière. This was successful, the pair growing fins, earning sharp teeth, and earning her a tail. Though having a sudden taste for flesh, they murdered the scientist and ate any evidence. Afraid for their lives, they ran into a boy of no sight who was a friend of the creator of Circus de Sang. They became one of the first members to ever join. 

Physical Appearance: She wears a dress of half green, half blue with a black torn sash. Her tail is a pale blue as well as her skin. Her eyes are often described as gold stars in black skies. Her hair is very long and wavy, wearing her friend's gift on her head. Her neck is adorned with seashells and bones. 

The End

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