A roleplay about a circus group who are travelling the world putting on performances for everyone.

As the sun began to set, throwing deep, rich colours across the sky, a convoy of trucks made its way steadily along the narrow road outside a small city in Italy. Tonight they would rest, and then tomorrow the circus would begin setting up for three night’s worth of performances.

At the head of the convoy, Bartholomew Monroe sat with his children, Cassidy and Cassius, in the cab of the truck which carried the gigantic circus tent in which they held their shows. As the convoy stopped, just outside the town, he climbed out of the cab, yelling orders to the circus people to set up camp before the light was completely gone.

With the sun setting, the group began to set up, with some lighting a fire so they could cook their food and see when the natural light had gone. As the flames flickered up, they warmed the colourful red van, and lit up the black boots which now stepped from the cab. The boots were followed by riding breeches, high waisted, and a large white shirt which seemed yellow in the flames, and was tucked in to the trousers. The wearer of these garments strode to the back of the truck and opened it up, pulling down the ramp and reaching inside.

“Come Apollo. If you come first, your mares will follow.” A black Friesian stallion emerged, eyes flickering in the firelight, and walked calmly down the ramp, encouraging the two mares, one golden and one chestnut, to follow. A hand stroked Apollo’s flank in congratulations, and then lead the three horses to a nearby tree. Once they were tied to it, the same hand fed them, gave them a bucket of fresh water, and covered them with their blankets. Only then did Dakota Farida join the rest of the circus people.

She gazed round at the odd group as they sat round the fire. One of the acrobats had his guitar on his lap and was tuning it to accompany their meal with music. Stew was cooking on the fire, and a warm, comforting smell drifted around the camp. The clowns looked strange and grim without their colourful clothes and bright makeup. The huddled together, throwing grim looks at the acrobats; it was well known that the two groups disliked each other, although no one knew why. It had always been supposed that they were always fighting because they were the two most popular acts in the show, but nowadays that was not the truth. Perhaps they had just continued with the old ways. The lion tamer sat next to the Ringmaster, Bartholomew, and they were muttering to each other as they usually did. Old friends, they stuck together through thick and thin.

Dakota’s scan of the group was put on hold as the stew was served, and she returned to her seat with a bowl of the warm, meaty mix, and began to eat, letting it warm her frozen insides.

The last of the sun had now disappeared, and they sat with only the camp fire to light them, and the music of the acrobats to entertain them.

The End

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