I really love the tv show 'Highlander'.  I have since I was about 11; I used to rush in from school to watch it, and its absence was the only thing that marred the perfection of my blissfully society-free weekends.  I'm embarrassed about it now, but c'mon:  living forever, having lots of 300 year old friends that live forever, and getting to run around with a sword.  And the themesong!

"Here we are, born to be kings/We're the princes of the universe..."

Elizabeth I of England referred to herself as a 'prince,' or so I've read.  At any rate, I'm sure you read her speech at some point during high school, the one where she  says that thing about only being a woman, but having the heart and stomach of a king and not just any king, but a king of England.  She was kind of obsessed with being as good as a man, really, and considering that her dad was Henry VIII, it makes a lot of sense.  Seeing as he broke with the Roman Catholic Church, divorced his wife and illegitimized his (first) daughter, in order to marry Elizabeth's mum on the strength of her promise that she'd give him a boy, and then, when she gave birth to Elizabeth instead, he had her head chopped off and disowned his (second) baby daughter... you can see where her paranoia comes from.  That, and she stopped having sex in her 20s, re-branded herself as the Virgin Queen, and never had a husband/kids, which, let's be honest, probably drove her a little bit nuts.

But, I digress.  My point is, Highlander.  Immortals.  Living forever, and getting to fight (with a sword!) while doing it.  How much fun would that be?  Assuming you were good enough to stay alive, anyway... but I would be.  I'd train for hours, every day.  I'd have the best sword money could buy, made by a craftsman who, like me, had lived for 1,000 years (obviously I'd use a slightly less awesome sword, for the preceding 999 years).  I'd study martial arts, all of them, and I'd make friends with all the other immortals I could, and I also wouldn't be ashamed of carrying a concealed firearm, to improve my chances...

When I come back to the real world, after these little flights of fancy (I'm very prone to them) it always takes me a minute to focus, to think of where I am and what day it is and if I'm meant to be doing anything, as opposed to staring off into space.  I've been complimented on my ability to set a scene, to make characters/situations seem plausible, even when they're not; and I always thank whoever's paid me that compliment, before going on to explain that it's really easy to describe what I see in my head, as it's often more clear than my physical surroundings.

There's a painting, hanging up in my hallway.  I picked it out and hung it up myself, and without looking at it, I can't tell you exactly what's in the picture.  Some trees, and maybe a sunset...?  I can, however, tell you that if I were an immortal, having had centuries to amass reasonable wealth, I would dress in a combination of clothing styles from the 1700s up to the present day, favouring heavy velvets and brocades in a variety of jewel tones, autumnal shades, and darks, and generally opting for long skirts, tight bodices, and some level of corsetry in my apparel.  I would use lace liberally in my clothing design, particularly when wearing harsher, more modern garments, and I would have just enough plastic surgery to soften (but not eradicate) the changes pregnancy and childbirth have wrought on my body...

I take Tramadol, more or less every day, for chronic back pain.  Tramadol is an opioid (not an opiate--there's obviously a HUGE difference between the two) and I wonder, just sometimes, if it's having some sort of effect, beyond the welcome relief of my periodically spasming back.  My dad and my uncle are both manic-depressive, sorry we call it bipolar now, don't we, but either way, they are, and we think one of my grandmothers was as well (on the other side of the family)...  At any rate, Dad and Uncle Jamie are on a combination of Prozac/Zoloft/etc type drugs, the exact brands I don't recall, and my grandmother spent 10 years on lithium, back in the day.

...I don't think any of that is relevant.  I don't know why I mentioned it.  I'm off now, to have a nice cup of tea, along with some moderate-to-moderately-severe pain relief.

And then, I'm going to oil the blade of my broadsword.

The End

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