Saaaaaay ... what?Mature

Hearing loss is in my family. My brother is legally deaf. My dad had total loss in one ear. I have 30% loss in each ear. I can't hear the high or low ends of the spectrum. This means I can't hear the soprano screechings of high pitched complainers, or the baritone roarings of disgruntled loud mouths. This is a good thing. I can get most of what they're saying, if I watch them speak, but why bother? They're not saying anything I want to hear, anyway.

That said, I missed a lot of beautiful music before I got hearing aids. When I'm in the company of someone obnoxious, I simply turn off my hearing aids. Of course if they whine in the mid range, I have to listen to them whether I like it or not. My aids are unobtrusive, and my speech patterns are normal, because I didn't lose my hearing till about 8 years ago. There's no way these screechy or loud mouthed morons know I'm tuning them out. I just stare at a spot in the middle distance. They think I'm wonderful, they think I'm actually interested; that is until I fall asleep on my feet and keel over from boredom.


The End

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