I drive an '01 Honda Civic. Actually, I kind of defacto live in it. And you can tell. It's one part car, 3 parts garbage receptical. There's probably about 40x as many empty cigarette packs in that thing than there are engine cylindars. It's pretty disgusting. What's even more disgusting is I have no immediate plans to clean it. Don't see much reason. I'm the only one driving it, and I never have passengers. Just me. Nobody else sees the inside of that thing.

The same kinda holds for my head.

But there comes a point, a critical juncture where there's so much random debris piled up that there's no room for the driver to sit anymore. Or it might get so bad that he can't so much as open the door without a thousand chunklets spilling out all over his feet, making for a somewhat unsightly driveway. The neighbors start to think he's a little touched.

So with that spirit in mind, this is just gonna be a little corner for me to dump some of those random bits piling up in my mind from time to time. Just in the interest of keeping my already swollen head from exploding.

Sorry in advance for the narcissism. Oh, and feel free to join me. Your car's probly dirty too...

The End

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