Chosen Words

Take some words and write something!

Something involving this probably exists somewhere within this site, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.  Besides, it's not fair to keep my favorite writing prompt to myself.

First, grab a word source; I suggest asking any nearby company for two to four random words, but randomly flipping through a book or the dictionary and finding a word works fine as well.  Now write something weaving those couple of words together.  Let it go in any direction it wants, even if it picks up a tale in the middle of its telling, doesn't have much of a story line, or seems downright weird.  The fun of it is seeing where it goes.

Maybe you could leave your inspiration words at the bottom of the story, or in a comment, just so long as we know what you were working with.

If you're looking for any inspiration, some of my favorite have been "dystopian barber shop"; "poodle haircuts", "a duck named Albert", and "cheese"; and "bear", "deer", "wetsuit", and "window".

The End

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