The PrisonerMature

I looked on, confused and troubled. I did my best to move forward and allow myself to have a better view of my siblings and friends.  It was no use; if I dared to move a limb; the hold of the hands would tighten painfully. Growling through my teeth, I concentrated on what the mirror showed me.

They were standing, staring aimlessly at the four bridges. I could see Layna's mouth move, repeating the words of the riddle, obviously trying to wrap her thoughts around it.  The two children of Hades stayed quiet and looked at each other with a knowing gleam in their eyes; the two were searching for the correct answer as well. My sweet sister, Erieen, kept her body still and stiff, while the others continued to converse with her, for she was far wiser then all of us. And I myself was stumped.

Riddles were always a challenge for me, but now it did not matter. I was chained, held back by that accursed thing that was my half- brother.

"Riddles...What are you trying to do, Aetos?" I screamed into the darkness, but instead of answering me, the mirror disappeared leaving me without the knowledge of what was occurring as I was trapped.

I let out a shriek of frustration and tried to pull myself free, yammering a few curses as well. As always, what held my body and strength back did not lose its grip on me, but became tighter. Whatever held me back bruised my body, strangely enough. I was strong, yes, but I had hoped nothing could hurt me as these hands were.


No, not these whispers again!


"Enough of this, Aetos!" I threatened with acid in my words.

"You'll just wait here, waiting for their doom as you are? You deserve to die, painfully."

No, no, no! "I will have your tongue, Aetos if you do not stop this!"

As if the words truly slipped from his lips, they sent shivers down my spine. He continued his taunt. "If so, then give me the answer to the riddle. They need it, now more than ever."

Those haunting words echoed in the dark void, and the mirror returned in front of my eyes once again. A storm was raging; the bridges were more dangerous than they were before now.

Before I could cry out for my friends, a pain made itself present in my chest. It was like a blade cut throw my skin and settled in my body; it twisted and turned. But Aetos' lips were still at my ears and his fingers stroking my back, my spine.

"Well? Answer the riddle..."

The pain grew and now felt as though it stretched my insides.


I coughed up blood and his whispers turned into screams, echoing in the dark void that was my prison.

"Now, or say good-bye to your pretty little friends..."

I knew I was getting closer and closer to the threshold of death. I was unable think now, but cried out an answer.


Then...I blacked out.

The End

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