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The sun was shining down on us as we sat in the clearing. The birds were chirping everything seemed normal. I was sitting in the shade under a tree. Reading one of my many books. As Elka rested her head on my lap while I stroked her hair.


“Erieen” Elka whined leaning up on her hands. I peered over my book. She was pouting “All you do is read, it is boring” She exaggerated. I rolled my eyes. I stroked her.


“Ok what what would you like to do all mighty Elka” I mocked her. She smiled and pulled me up from my feet. We up to see what all the noise was. It appeared that the Son of Poseidon had challenged the Daughter Hades. I smiled at them. We all were completely different but I knew I could relay on them all.


Elka walked away when the tension heated up and every seemed to be losing there tempers. “Erieen The door its so pretty I wonder if I opened it”She called to me. I turned her my heart pounding loud in my ears.


“Uh.. Guys...” I called to them drawing there attention away from three disagreement . Just as Elka's Hand touched the door They all screamed “NO!” but it was too late.


The door swung open, A gust of wind flung Elka out of the way. I ran and luckily cached her in my arms She had fainted in my arms. We all gathered our weapons and prepared to fight.


Tall figure walks and smiles slyly at us "Well. Hello, fellow brother, sisters, and cousins," I stared in shock this couldn't be happening it was impossible to escape. "I think it is your turn to try and get out of something you don't like."

He looked at the floor and just like that it disappears from underneath us. I screamed as well fell it woke up Elka and we used all used our powers so we wouldn't get hurt. We stumbled and I fell flat on my face I I tried to stand up and winced in pain. I had twisted my ankle.

I felt an hand fold onto my arm so I wouldn't fall again. I looked up to find it was Xenocrates. I smiled steeply at him. He didn't show much emotion. He always intrigued me because he eyes showed all his emotions clearly. He was just as afraid as I.

I looked up and saw a huge golden door words were engraved into it. Where were we. Layna stepped forward and read what it said. "To get to the top you must take each test but to start the real trouble you must solve this riddle:

'I am everywhere but not always obvious. Dark is my camouflage and light is my reveal. I am what scares many things.'Hope you can solve this while running,”


I Looked up at Xenocrates he looked just as confused. But I loved a challenge I was trying to work out the Riddle When we heard growling. His eyes widened.


“Run” He whispered Fear spread though me. He stilled held onto my arms as we ran I gasped out in pain as my ankle began to protest. He saw the pain in my eyes and pulled me onto his back. “Any Ideas of what the Riddle is your the brainiac round here” he said as we cached up with the others.


I thought threw the riddle ok Darkness there is a lot of things in Darkness what we fear. But is always here. Something hidden. I got it I'm sure I did what we feared his in this.


“Shadow” I shouted “The answer to the riddle is Shadow” The door appeared in front of us it was open we ran through and the door closed. We stopped running trying to gain back our breathes.


“Well done Erieen you did it I just wonder what will happen next” Mumbled Layna, We nodded in agreement.


We looked around it was a lot more creepier than the last place. There was four Bridges none of them particularly looked safe. There was a plaque on the floor. Reading.


“A cloud was my mother, the wind is my father, my son is the cool stream, and my daughter is the fruit of the land. A rainbow is my bed, the earth my final resting place, and I'm the torment of man What am' I Do not spend to long wondering or will be your down fall”


I looked around but there was nothing coming this time. I was confused Then Iphigeni called us

“Ok there There's four bridges at each end of the Bride is a word. Death, song Bird and Rain. I'm guessing one of them is the answer to the riddle. That will get us across”

The floor Began to rumble and cracks Formed. I held on to Xenocrates tighter I was terrified

what was going to happen. Wait too long we die. Choose wrong answer We die. No pressure.


The End

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