Whatever I had done, I had done something...something that caused this to happen. We were still running from that beast, but silently and unknown to the others I...was hearing things. Every time I looked behind there was nothing but that ‘thing' chasing us, and unless the gods had graced this creature with speech than there was defiantly voices coming from somewhere. They didn't notice the strained look across my face, but who would when we were running in terror, trying to get away from the monstrous dogs. I spoke up nonetheless, "Layna...do you...hear that?" My panting had forced me to speak little and slowly, but my message got out.

Layna head snapped back to me, I saw anger and fury flaring in her eyes. It seems the sea's daughter was in no mood to talk. "Elka, this is no time to talk!" She spoke quickly before roughly grabbing my wrist and forcing me to run faster than ever before. I took her reply as a no; I turned to look at the others. The only expression across their faces was that of fear, haste, and frustration. We had being chased by that thing...Of, course they hadn't heard what I had.

"Oh my little one, afraid and confused, now? The big bad beast scares you?"

By father's name, that was defiantly a voice! And it was...mocking me? How could it possibly be mocking me?! I am Zeus' daughter, not some-"Even when escaping the wraith of a beast, you are vain. Father would rather proud of you, little one." If I had a target, I would have ended whoever was the keeper of this voice by now. But no...We needed to escape; now wasn't the time to be making threats against something that's not even there. "Ah, you're rather dense for a daughter of a king."

How dare it?! I am no simple woman; I have the blood of deity running through my veins! "If one wants to irritate me, they will do it to my face!" My anger inflamed when I could not scream aloud, but my companions and siblings did not need any distractions from running even though I was being...I do not know what was happening to me. "Oh so the fierce Elka would prefer to meet face to face? I will comply. It's the least I could since you...freed me."

Layna's hand, along with her body and the others vanished, and in their place blackness surrounded me. I screamed for my siblings and my cousins, my hands began searching around someone or something. Have I gone blind? No, that's not it, is it? Blind and deaf, or are they simply gone? Where am I? "You're here with me, my dear Elka." That voice! I turned around towards it to find a man, much older then me, with dark hair going to his shoulders, a tall and muscular body, and red eyes that resembled fire. "Y-y-you're...but how is this possible?!" I stammered and backed up, pitifully.

Aetos was no friend to me or to any god or mortal, but here he had me. He was grinning at me disgustingly and moving towards me. "You released me from my prison, and now I am repaying the favor." He spoke lies to me once again, another foolish mistake. If only I had my sword...Ah, damn my stupidity!

Lightning appeared in the palm of my hand before stretching out, soon a sword replaced the lighting and I stood in a defensive stance, claymore in both hands. "I suggest you send me back right now or I'll unleash a wraith that could only match that of Zeus'!" Honestly, I would prefer to fight him, here and now, but I could not leave the others still being chased by the beast.

Before I could even blink, a force pushed me down and Aetos laughed darkly at me. "You will not be making anymore suggestions from now," From behind, a hundred hands gripped my arms, legs, waist, and neck. They lifted me up so I was eye to eye with Aetos despite my short stature. "Now my sister, keep quiet and watch as I destroy our siblings and cousins."

Once again a person in front of me disappeared, and in his place a grand mirror materialized. At first I could only see myself, but that changed quickly. I could see them, my companions, still running and the dog-like-monster behind them, but what stopped my breath was...me. I was still there with Layna's hand on my wrist, but...This must be a trick...Right?

"Aetos, what have you done?!" He gave me no reply.


The End

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