16 years later......Mature


"Stop cheating!" I shout rising to my feet to face my cousin demigod. She's the daughter of Hades and we always argue..... scratch that. Me and My brother always argue with our fellow demigods.

What?? Being a child of Poseidon means are emotions can be as wild as the sea just like children are Zeus are slightly vein and children of Hades easily get jealous.

"What?" Iphigenia says rising to her feet. "You want to take me on water girl" She summons a black syth to her hands and I summon a trident.

"Wow!" The rest of the kids call standing up. Each of our siblings takes us from behind pulling our arms down. Its then a child of Zeus gets our attention.

"Uh guys...." Their voice trails off and we all turn to look at the ancient gold door of Aetos's prison and that Elka is standing her hand reaching out to touch it. "No!" We all scream just as Elka's hand touches the door.

It swings open blasting Elka back into one of her fellow siblings. Me and my brother bring forth our tridents, while Hades children summon their syth's and the two other Zeus children, apart from Elka whose past out on the ground, summon lightning to their fists.

"Well. Hello, fellow brother, sisters and cousins" Aetos says smiling looking at us all in turn. "I think it your turn to try and get out of something you don't like"

Its then the earth disapear from beneath us and we go falling down all losing grip on the weapons and powers we were controlling as we fall. From the length of the fall it felt we should have hit the floor hard but when we land it just felt like a small trip.

I groan along with everyone else as we get to our feet. Then me and my brother turn on Elka. "Wooow! What the-" Elka says then her eyes widen in shock. "Oh my god.... did I just???"

She swallows heavily. "What you don't remember??" asks Iphigenia. Elka shakes her head and slowly me and my brother lower our weapons.

"What we going to do now?" My brother asks. I look round then see a door. "What about that??" I ask pointing at the large door in front of us.

We all stared at the door.... It was old oak and was closed and obvoiusly couldn't be forced open. Then I step forward and read the words allowed that were encrusted on the door. "To get to the top you must take each test but to start the real trouble you must solve this riddle:
'I am everywhere but not always obvious. Dark is my camoflarge and light is my reveal. I am what scares many things'
Hope you can solve this while running" I finished with a frown and looked back at the others. Just then the doors swung open and a growl erupted behing us.

The End

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