Chosen SevenMature

Seven were born, six before the last. Their roles as guardians will lead a path of confusion and struggle as Zeus's own son plots in his prison. What was to come; only time could tell... And this was story of the Guardians.


They awoke to the sounds of anguish cries from the heavily pregnant maidens. A full moon gently shimmered into the rooms, while the maids rushed to assist their mistresses, but the night raged on despite the calming sight of the moon. A storming at been brewing to the west and had found its way to the island and the sea mimicked the fury of the rain. The waves clashed against the rocks, destroying fishing boats and what structures that stood to close the fierce sea, but the worst was occurring in the depths of Tartarus. The underworld was unbelievably not filled with pained cries of the damned souls. Six children were about to be born into a confused life, but there was another soon to come after them.  The maidens' minds were filled with unsure questions as to why these children's bodies and souls were held inside their wombs. Uncertain as to why this was happening to them, why the gods had blessed them with children. 

He watched from his solitary prison, away from the now fully awake village. He silently plotted in hope of what the years to come were to bring along with growth of the children. The children of the gods were breathing their first breaths of life, but they were to powerful for his control, his invisible bounds made sure of that. Still, there was always the other one. One that he could taint with his words, make the child his puppet. Oh yes, his escape was inevitable whether his father dared to try and stop him or not. A god's plan shall never fail for it was unnoticeable and unseen, even by Helios's own eyes, he could not see what was to come or what was occurring on the island.  

His cruel whispers could even be heard over the storm, "Come little ones, grow quickly and embrace your destined roles...for it shall be your down fall." 

The End

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