Learning to drive a spaceshipMature

" Alright  Mr Treagle, please bring ship into hover and retract all retractable parts  so ou can then later proceed to exit." My course conductor says boredly , soon he'll need a change of under wear though becuase he was in for a ride of his life.

I procced with entering the key code and inserting key card. The ships consoles begin to turn on. I hated the design layout of this cockpit. A computer screen , steering wheel small tinsy winsy important flashing buttons that when you go to press one, you end up pressing like a kazzillion ,and before you know it your gitsfinggooblienabbler is draining all you oxydionitriedacocididbiphysconic gasicd  and well your screwed.  No joke thats how my friend died.  You really don't want that to happen.  I look up and pull a level which I was pretty sure retracted all retractble  things. I look out the door and the door is opening. I grab the steering wheel , and await further commands.

" Mr Treagle we are granted exit please slowly exit landing bay."

I mock a salute, this guy sounded too millitary for me and I wanted to laugh my ass off.  I push forwards on the tri handled wheel and hear a weak roar and humming from the rockets firing up.  I putt a little more pressure on the wheel and begin leave the bay. Now came the horrifieing part for Mr, I sound military.

" Engage inertial dampeners ,now that we are out of range of damaging any auto stabilizers." He says

I once agian look up to the less confusing console and look for this knob which was unfortunetly wasn't there. I look at the confusing console I saw it allright. In a sea of tinsy winsy little buttons which could bring hell to this lesson. Which was already bad enough becuase I'm at the helm. I turn the nob and feel quite happy that I didn't press one of those idiot buttons.

" Proceed to join the simulated holographic traffic. Please note hitting the holographic vehicles will result in failure."

" Well can I have five minutes to hit holographic vehicles get it out of my system." I joke. He looks highly unimmpressed and  says.

" Please proceed with the lesson."

I make a face at the window. This guy needed to loosten up a whole bunch.

The End

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