The labMature

I walk into the hospital my green jacket soaking wet.  The weather outside was next to horrible. High winds , heavy rain.  To top things off the line to the desk is really long.

"Gotta like squamish weather eh?" A man says behind me.

" Yup absolutely love it." I say sarcastically.

About  10 minutes later I finaly reach the front desk and hand the woman a simple paper saying blood test.

" Have you eaten anything?" She asks.

" No Ma'am."

" Birth date?"

" May 3 1994."

" Okay take this and put it in the folder holder over there."  She points , and I do as I'm told.I put the folder into the folder holder noticing there is not to many folders ahead of mine.

" Oh this won't take to long." I say to myself. Then sit close to the lab door. 

Not to far along one person walks out the door , with a long coat and rather unforgettable looking jaw line becauase of how visable the jaw bones wear. shortly afterwards Another man walks out  with an odd combination his head was dark but his bear orange.  I knew it wasn't dyed because that would make his skin orange as well.   The nurses don't call anyone in and I know this place just opened and this waiting room was begining to fill. "I wonder what they could be possibly be doing in there?" I ask my self. I wait pehaps another few minutes when the door opens agian.

Wait where could this person have just come from no one other than the nurses, and doctors  could have been in there? I dismissed the question quickly though as It could have just been that I didn't see him go in.  A nurse calls in an other person.  I should be up after the next person. I think.  I turn down to my newspaper when I hear the door open agian. Another person walks through with something that looks rather familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it.  Okay this getting strange. four people have gone in this lab which has just opened. No one else has gone in, where the smeg did this other person appear from? 

This little dilemma was begining to interesting so I drop the newspaper and keep a watchful eye on the lab door. Some time passes by and another familiar looking person comes out followed by another person. Wait the lab should be empty if this was a math eqaution that lab should be negative two people now.  A nurse calls a few people at a time to go in. I quitely protested to myself.

" Wait I should be goo.... must have gotten bumped. Oh well thats just more boring math to miss."  I say out loud

I sit and watch the lab door eagerly, and suddenly see that same familliar jaw line and bear , hair issue.  Did they just clone a person from to people? No I've got to be insane. I wiped my eyes and pinched my self and went to take another look but the man was gone.  Must be seeing things thats all. Suddenly the four people from ealier leave. Okay then where did that extra man come from. Maybe there is another enterance.  This was messing with my head so I had to ask.

" Hey is there another enterance for patients to enter the lab?" I ask.

" Nope."

Now I was severly confused. More people began to rapidly leave the lab and  quickl I came to a conclusion. They are creating clones or they are teleporting people because these people are coming from an unknown source. I'm called in they take two blood samples , and try to push me out the door.  I could hear voices around the corner.   I left the hospital with some strange conclusions in my head. As I drive out of the lot  I look at the front of the lot , and see the answer.

The End

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