Chapter Seven: The OEC

Just before Knox was running down the hall toward the video surveillance room, he had been called into the outer experiment chamber (OEC). There the scientists studied the results of the experiments. 

"Sir," the scientist said as Knox entered the room, "you are going to want to hear this." Knox motioned the scientist to continue, so the scientist clicked a few buttons on the computer keyboard in front of him. 

The screen showed a scene of the inside of the room known as Eden. The kids had been asleep, but the screen switched to a scene recorded a couple of days ago. One of the kids woke up and shook the shoulder of another. The scientist sped the video forward. Then, Knox heard, "I dreamt we escaped."

The scientist paused the video. "Sir, that's the one that can see the future."

"Does she say when the dream was suppose to take place?"

"Yes," the scientist said, hitting a few more keys, speeding the video forward a few seconds. "Right here."

The scientist pointed at the screen as the next phrase was spoken. "The dream is suppose to become real in two days."

The scientist looked at Knox with a lump in his throat. He hated having to say what he had to say next. "That would be tonight, sir."

Knox lowered his eyebrows, frowning deeply. He slapped the scientist as hard as he could. He dared not kill the man. Some under his iron rule were expendable; others were not. It was that simple. He needed each and every one of his scientists.

"Why didn't you bring this to my attention immediately?" Knox asked. His voice was very calm, as if he had not just slapped the man silly.

The scientist took a little longer to respond than normal, and Knox allowed it. He was kind of enjoying it, as a matter of fact.

"Sir," the scientist finally spoke, "we have been behind on the video for a couple of weeks. I just saw this section ten minutes ago. I called your office 9 minutes ago."

"Next time," Knox said with a grin, "don't wait even one minute!"

The End

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