Chapter Six: Escape


They didn't last long before they were all asleep.  Pretending everything was normal could only last so long.  Kelsie was the last to sleep, staring into the darkness of Eden.  She feared sleep.  When she was awake she could laugh off the experiments the scientists did on her.

But when she slept she couldn't hide.  The dreams tormented her, reminding her of the horrors of the daytime.  She was so used to the dreams now she didn't scream.  She knew they were waiting for her.

When she finally slept the only outward sign of distress was the tossing and turning Kelsie did, throwing off the blanket she slept under.

She awoke to someone shaking her shoulder.  'What?'  She was sitting bolt upright and alert.

'It's just me.'  Syranna was kneeling next to her, a concerned look on her face.

'What is it?  Has something happened?'  Syranna shook her head.

'Nothing has happened as such...'  She looked like she was hiding something and Syranna wouldn't have woken Kelsie up for nothing so she pushed further.

'What is it then Syranna?'

'It was a dream.'  Kelsie knew exactly what Syranna meant and immediately woke the others.  Aaron was the hardest to get up.

'Get off I'm trying to sleep.'  He rolled over and stuck his fingers in his ears.  Kel started to get annoyed and kicked him gently in the side.  'Ow!  What did you do that for?'

'To get you up.  Now come over here, Syranna's had another dream.'  That got Aaron out of bed and Faelan was already sitting in a corner with Syranna.

'So what happened in your dream this time?'  Kel sat eagerly waiting for the answer.

'Well.  I dreamt we escaped.'  There was a moment of silence before she continued.  'We were leaving the unit for good and we weren't going to come back.  But I don't want you to get your hopes up,' she quickly back tracked.  'It might not be true.'

'But what if it is?'  Kelsie breathed.  'Freedom.'

The End

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