Chapter Five: Dreams


  The two guards did not bother to contain me as we walked down the hall, my knees feeling weak and my head hurting like it had never before. They watched, horrified as the scrapes and burns of the day melted out of sight, absorbed into my pale skin. The wounds hurt more on the inside, a curse rather than a blessing, hidden from view as the pain ate away at my body and my sanity. It made my blood feel as if it was burning and my bones as if they were being eaten away.

   Why was I alive? How was I alive?

   They knew I couldn't get away as they prodded me down the hall. Today was one of the worst, the windowless hall seeming to spin around me at a million miles per hour.   There was no escape to this torture, this prison. Only death. And not even that appeared an option when my body refused to die from all the abuse, that I swore would kill me one day.  My body had become my jail cell now, my physical being.

   Something kept telling me I needed to live. In the dreams I escaped to, the only thing I looked forward to other than being with the three others-the three other "experiments".   Why? Why did I need to live? Just to be tortured? Just to experience this horrific pain?

    The two guards tossed me into Eden, the little room where the others awaited. They looked horrific, their wounds tarnishing their skin. Tonight, I didn't even want to fake how I felt, to smile and pretend everything was alright. I nodded to them as they welcomed me "home", trying to give a grin through all the misery, before I flopped onto my bed in the far corner of the room, letting sleep take me over.

     We were out of Eden. No guards? We came across a hallway---we were trying to escape! The thrill of freedom filled me, the anxiety of being caught pumping in my veins.

    "Wait!" I cried quietly, but my voice seemed so foreign to myself, as if it was not my own. "Guards are coming, get back-hide!"

      "How do-?" began Aaron.

      "Shhh," I scolded him, looking around frantically, finding a door to a janitor's closet. "Get in."

       I closed the door behind them, staying in the hall. "What are you d-?" Aaron started again, the three others crowded in there with all the equipment.

      "SHHH!" I hissed as I turned invisible. My heart beat frantically as I heard the footsteps near, and then saw three guards coming around the corner. I pinned myself to the wall, watching them near.

      I held my breath as they passed me. One with a beard stopped a few feet down the hall, looking directly at me.  My muscles tensed, my jaw tightening. "What ya looking at, Martin?" said another.

     The bearded one shrugged and turned away, "Dunno. Just....felt weird over there."

     I sighed with relief, as they disappeared down the hall. I beckoned the others out, and we kept going towards the fire exit where another sleepy guard stood....


      I lurched awake. It was dark in Eden, and everyone else was asleep. Was that the future, or just a dream? It couldn't be could we be escaping?








The End

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