Chapter 4: Family


"Hey Kelsie. How's your day been?" I smirked. We all knew everyday was living hell beyond what normal people thought.

"Oh, you know, so so. Your face still looks like hell." She smiled at me.

"Yeah, well when you're training and you broke your nose, lost a few teeth, bit your lip so hard there's actually a hole in it, cracked your skull,  dislocated your shoulder and your hip all in one day, you know you should find a new sport."

"Hey that sounds like everyday routine." She ruffled my black hair. I mock growled at her.

"If my face offends you you could leave." I hated when I looked this ugly after testing.

"Or you could short out the lights so no one can see it." She made an "ohh" shape with her mouth.

"Ha ha ha. You're sooo incredibly funny."

"I know right? I should have my own show." Kelsie grinned.

I looked over at Faelan and the other kid (well teen). They looked wiped. Guess everyone was getting their testing boosted up.

We were all due to turn sixteen in a few weeks. It was a private celebration between all of us.

I dreamed of the day when Knox would pay. I mean, I couldn't wait for a day when I could hurt him the way he mercilessly hurt us every day.

But until then, I had to stay here. But at least we weren't alone. We had family.  Three seriously wrecked teens were the only family I ever had, and we were so much closer than family. So, so much more tight-knit.

The End

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