Chapter Three: "The Half-wits Escaped!"

Knox ran through the hall at great speed. Running was no problem for him because he had been a military man most of his life. When he was really young (age 8 or so), his father would make him do push ups and sit ups. By age 10, he was running a mile a day.

He turned a corner, barely reducing his speed. He came to the video surveillance room. He went in breathing normally.

“Where are the half-wits?” he yelled at a sleeping guard.

The guard woke up immediately, answering as if he had not been asleep. “They are in Eden, sir.”

“Look again, you radioactive imbecile,” Knox yelled, gesturing toward the screen that showed a blank room (known as Eden). The guard had no answer. He tried to stutter one, but nothing came out.

The undisputed leader of the city of Nexus could not run through the halls and not attract attention. His right hand man, Hecku, came into the room panting. Knox laughed despite the situation.

“You need to run more, my friend,” Knox said.

Hecku ignored the jest. “Sir, what is the matter?”

Knox had calmed down by this point. He didn’t want to give himself a stroke. “The half-wits escaped.”


“Do you need a hearing aide?” Knox asked, his tone beginning to show some gruffness.

“No, sir,” Hecku said, lowering his head, a sign of honor.

Then, as if they had just dined together, Knox pointed toward the guard and told Hecku, “Shoot this man!” Hecku looked at the guard, hesitating. He didn’t want to do it because he knew the guard well. They were friends, in fact. “Shoot him,” Knox ordered, “or I will shoot the both of you.”

Hecku had no choice. He knew Knox was a man of his word. He took his gun out and shot the guard in the leg. The guard fell out of his chair, reeling in pain.

“Don’t chicken out,” Knox remarked as he took the gun from Hecku’s hands. Then, he shot the guard in the head, killing him instantly.

Hecku started to lose his composure, but he stifled the urge. After he had calmed himself even further, he asked, “Sir, how did you know that they had escaped.”

“Because the half-wits predicted it.”

The End

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