Chapter Two - Memory


People say memories are the things that makes people whole.  If that's true then I am just a shell.  I haven't known anything outside this facility.  I have never loved, have never lost.  I don't think I've even lived.  The only life I know is the one that locks me away in a room with three other people and slowly begins experimenting on me.

I don't know who my parents were.  I was taken from them at birth and brought to the facility.  The first few years weren't so bad.  I grew up like any normal child, playing with the other three children who lived with me, we were the best of friends.  But then I became a teenager.  I was the oldest of the four so it happened to me first.  As soon as I turned thirteen they took me out of the room and began their experiments, burning my skin and torturing my mind, zapping me with radiation and waiting to see what effect it had.

My once pretty face was covered in scars and burns and rashes, my eyes, once full of light and laughter began to dim and I resigned myself to my fate.  The only thing that remained the same was my hair, flame red and curly, the only feature I was ever proud of.  That was until a few days ago. 

Three days ago we escaped.


Kelsie sat in her usual spot in the corner of her small cell.  She had just been brought back from a round of radiation and felt exhausted.  They didn't have to pin her down any more, she sat in the chair willingly knowing if she struggled it would only make the process longer.

She wondered which of the others they would be working on next.  Part of her wished it was only her there so the others could be spared the pain.

When the experiments were finished they were allowed to spend time together in an observed room.  It felt like she was an animal in a cage but at least it meant she could talk to someone else.  The scientists didn't talk to Kelsie often, it would probably put them off their experiments if they stopped to think that she was an actual human being.

The door opened and a man in a white jacket stood holding the door open.  'You can come out now.'  Kelsie slowly stood up, feeling every ache in her body and walked towards the door. 

The man took a small step back as she passed him.  Recently strange things had started to happen, objects falling off tables when no-one was standing near them.  They thought it was Kelsie doing it, an effect of the radiation, it scared them.

Kel walked into the room where the other three experiments were already sitting.

'Hey guys.'  Kel put on her cheerful expression, an act they all put on, pretending everything was alright.  'How are you feeling?'

The End

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