Children of Nexus


"Did you know Zess, that in my time, trees were a beautiful green with flowers would bloom in the most vibrant colours. They'd bear fruits and vegetables that would make your pallet dance. It was beautiful in my years Zess, and we had a good share of troubles, but it was happy."

"But grandpa, how could trees be green? They were created by the scientists right? Aren't they just those ugly metal poles all over the place an what were flowers? Why were they all colourful?"

"No no! Those are silly imitations! Trees were once living breathing creatures that were brought to us by Gods caring arms. Thier barks would extend to the heavens, before bursting into thousands of  little branches filled with shimmering green emeralds, they'd grow clusters of blue or red jewels, that we would call flowers. They were the trees spirit. They would burst into tiny seeds, from which new trees would grow......but that was some time ago Zess. Maybe that world will come back some day...Zess...




OY! ZESS! Get up, ya lazy bum! Marlow got news! OY! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" Zess rolled on his back, stretched his arms, and opened his blue eyes, to find a pair of green ones staring into his. He screamed as he jumped two feet into the air, and landed up hitting his head on the extremely low ceiling.

"Your eyes creeped the guy out, Tahini!" Marlow stifled his laughter.

"We need a hirer ceiling....." Zess muttered.

"Forget a damn ceiling! I got news! Good news! Great news really! I'd even call it historic!

"Get on with it!" Zess barked irritably as he rubbed his head.

 I was...well...walking about_" Tahina interrupted Marlow in mid-sentence.

"He means spying." Tahini gave a nod.

"Now that we have stated the obvious, “Marlow continued, jabbing Tahina out of the way, "Guess what I heard, while I was on my visit."

"What?" Zess asked, crossing his legs.

"There was chaos, and soldiers scrambling, screaming, it was good, so good!" Marlow bobbed up and down in excitement.

"Will you tell me what happened!?" Zess growled.

"Looks like our 'benevolent' Lord Knox's little lab experiments ditched him."

"What do you mean ditched?" Zess looked at him, his eyes widened, and his mouth slightly ajar

"My only question," Tahina looked confusedly at Marlow, "Is why the hell you would call Knox 'benevolent'?

"Sarcasm women!" He yelled back. "You know adds flare_"

"Stop bickering, and tell me what the heck you mean!!" Zess yelled.

"Ok, ok. Don’t get so riled up. The kids disabled the alarm and left, scooted, gave him the slip, did the disappearing act, whichever suits your fancy."

"So...they're free, right? They're ok?

"Yup. But they've gone......outside Nexus."

"WHAT ARE THEY SUICIDAL!?" Zess yelled. "There is nothing out there except freak patches of radiation, and dust!" His voice was slightly more at level.

"Is there really anything better here, Zess?" Tahini looked at him gravely.



The End

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