Just something I randomly wrote a while ago, no real objective.

At one point or another we are all ruthless, small pawns in someone’s chess board. We start off slow; all you can do is move forward until eventually you’re blocked off by someone identical to you. They might look different, but in essence they are the same. You share the same tastes, the same problems, the same principles, yet you’re alluded by their demeanor – the way they move, the way they breathe, the way they are. No matter how hard you try, you’re stuck in that impasse and you’re unable to move unless something or someone knocks them off your way. The likelihood that this happens is next to none, as most likely you’re so fascinated and attracted by their similarities that you forget what it feels like to be alone. You become a selfless, charismatic and gallant individual whose pleasure is derived by your counterpart’s fortune.  However, if you choose to go around it, to contour it or perhaps even to ignore it, then you get knocked off by something much bigger regardless and whether you like it or not this will stop you.

 The longer we play the game of life we grow bigger, stronger, more responsible. Yet somehow, in some odd, peculiar way, we grow more vulnerable, weaker, more dependent. Every action feels putrefying, each movement paralysing. The once small pawn is now no more than a tarnished, blemished piece of wood like any other. Tainted: by unrequited love, by growth, by life, we become unique personalities who represent what we dread the most, our dreams and our fears. Yet somewhere along the way, we realise that what we once wanted to run away from is what we need the most. That’s the irony of life, no matter where you go you’re stuck in its labyrinth of suffering and there’s no way out.

The End

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