Enter Wonderland



Cheshire landed in a small stream that must have been the bottom of the massive hole he had just fallen down, he thrashed about, yowling like there was no tomorrow.

'What an earth are you doing?' An astounded voice cried out, 'your ruining my river!'

'It's hardly a river!' Cheshire retorted, jumping out, shaking the water droplets from his fur; leaving it all stuck up.

'It's a river! It's a river!' The voice squealed in anger, Cheshire heard a flap of wings and he glanced up in awe.

A grand-looking, bubblegum pink bird with thin, elegant legs looked at him now his long, slender beak. Cheshire felt a little bit self conscious next to this magnificent beauty, his fluffy coat of navy felt ridiculed.

'Where is this place?' Cheshire gasped, looking around in surprise at the magical things that covered the land around him; flowers with faces, tree's with oddball fruits, talking animals... Now that Cheshire thought about it, he could talk also!

'It's Wonderland, I'm quite sure Peter would have explained all of this to you, Mr. Cheshire!' The pink bird sighed, it pulled a pair of specs from under it's wing and peered at Cheshire, he bristled at the birds icy gaze.

'He did, but I thought that strange, cosplaying rabbit was playing a prank on me... you can never trust rabbits these days!' Cheshire huffed, glaring at his paws.

'Well! I'm insulted!' Cheshire slowly turned around to see none other than Peter White on the other side of the, uhumm, "river".

The End

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