Curiosity killed the cat?

Astounded by the fact the Rabbit in his dream was sitting in front of him, Cheshire tried to calculate what was happening. 

Is that the 'Peter White' I had seen in my dream? What is it doing here? Is that 'thing' real? 

Before he even had time to think, the Rabbit had disappeared as fast as it appeared. 

'Wait, come back! Your the one who I saw. I know it's you; Peter White. ' shouted Cheshire as he frantically scanned the area to see which direction Peter had ran to. 'Where did you go? I don't know what to do.' Just as the lost cat decided to give up, out of the corner of his eye, two white pointy ears stuck up behind an unkempt Hydrangea bush. Almost invisible because of the white blossoms, Peter had snook out and headed down the winded path.With a quick reaction, Cheshire sprinted towards the rabbit, relieved that he found him. 

Trailing Peter, the curious Cheshire soon found them both in a field filled with lemon coloured tulips that brightened the already blissful mood. At the end of the meadow, the rabbit had somehow vanished without a trace into the flowers near what looked like a dying sakura (blossom) tree. Leaving Cheshire pondering, he looked closer at the spot where the bunny had abandoned him, and noticed a large black hole. It seems that that was where Peter had escaped!

Considering that the hole looked unusual, Cheshire looked around him to see if the sly rabbit could have gotten anywhere else and acknowledged that all there was surrounding him was flowers and the odd tree or two, which had nowhere for White to hide. With no further options, he decided to jump down the hole himself.

Somehow, falling down the hole was weirder than Cheshire had expected. It didn't feel like falling, but almost felt as if he was floating. The further down he went, the more unusual things got. Random objects, like books, lamps, pictures and dolls were surrounding the cat and filled the bottomless hole, taking him down to what had no end that appeared to have lasted for hours. 

What happened? Had curiosity killed the cat?... 

The End

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