New Start; New Cat.

After fleeing the household he never quite fitted in, Cheshire had ran as fast as his little paws could take him into the nearby forest. The day had finally come when he could leave all the pain behind and start his life again, as a new person, A new cat. As Cheshire escaped, he didn't look back at the house; not once.

It was dark and damp that night. The wind had picked up, and Cheshire was petrified, cold and all alone, curled up in a hollow of an old oak tree that was barely big enough to fit him in. A few hours passed, and by then, he had just managed to drift of to sleep...

'Cheshire.' whispered a faint voice. 'Open your eyes.' it whispered again, becoming more and more clearer. When Cheshire finally had the courage to open his eyes, he looked around, astonished by where he had found himself. Beautiful clouds floated by above his head, and he found himself sitting above another. It was a dream. 'Look over here!' the same voice said, which was coming from the right side of Cheshire and had now become loud enough to give the cat a shock. When Cheshire turned, he saw a short, cute rabbit.

Obviously the cat had a brain, so he knew what a rabbit looked like, but this wasn't any old rabbit. This one what pure white, without any other colour patches or dirt, and had long fluffy ears that twitched every so often. He also was wearing clothes; a red and white coat, a smart looking white shirt and a black tie with a design that looked like playing cards. This left Cheshire speechless. On top of that, all while Cheshire was amazed by the unusual person, the rabbit had actually been holding a pocket watch-which was way too big for the rabbit to be a pocket watch- while tapping his foot and staring impatiently at it.

'I don't have much time.' the rabbit said, again, looking at his watch, as if he was late for a meeting. 'I'm Peter, Peter White, and you don't belong here. You need to come to Wonderland with me. I know it's you. No feline around has blue fur like yours.'

'How do you know me? Where did you hear my name? What and where on earth is wonderland?!' asked Cheshire, looking puzzled and interested at the same time. 

Grinning, Peter said, slowly fading away into the clouds  'Theres no time left. Your destiny awaits you..', and in the blink of an eye, the cat was back under the tree, where he had fallen asleep.

Yawning, Cheshire crawled out of the hole and looked around the forest, intrigued by the new sights and aromas when suddenly, a nearby shrub shook, and almost sounded as if someone had run into it. Amused by the mysterious sound, Cheshire peered into what looked like a rose bush and was extremely shocked to see what was there. 

It was the funny looking rabbit from his dream.

The End

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