Cheshire: A Neko's Tail

closed for Kai-Chan and me

Cheshire was a cat born into our world, with fur clad in a deep navy blue, he was never going to be accepted into our community.

As a kitten, all the other cats taunted him, snickering and sniggering; cracking up over his slick, blue coat. Cheshire never asked to be this way, but he just was.

Little did that cat know he was not supposed to be living in the world he had grown used to, no no. He was destined for glory, for everlasting fame.

Well, sort of. One day, Cheshire was playing with a ball of yarn, yowling the lyrics to a song his mother used to hiss to he and his siblings. His owner, whose name he had forgotten once again kicked him and shouted something to him which he couldn't understand.

'Yooooooowwwwwwlllllll.' Cheshire spat back, prancing out of the living room, glaring at his owner as he went. His owner snapped something as he did so. But Cheshire went on walking.

He strutted across the kitchen, he strutted across the dining room, he strutted across the landing, he strutted across the hallway, until he finally strutted out of his cat flap... before strutting around in the street's of Tockwith.

Poor, poor, Cheshire. He would only have to wait a little longer before his true destiny was revealed...

The End

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