Not So Stupid

NoBetterThanBob has just signed in...

tdavis: Oi, wanna word with you, Bob.

WiseOne: Ooooh, he's reli intimadated.

tdavis: ...WiseOne, button ur beak.

WiseOne: *zipps lips together*

tdavis: -.- anyway, why do you keep running, er, signing, away from Fallen_Angel?


FallingLeaves: ...

NoBetterThanBob: ...the server only says shes appearing offline...

NoBetterThanBob has just signed out...

Fallen_Angel: Bugeration.

WiseOne: LOL he really doesn't like u, does he?

Fallen_Angel: Apparently not...I don't get it, fgs!

tdavies: Right, Angel, go offline for a bit, like, properlly offline, for about ten minutes or so, then see if he comes back. We'll tell u what he says when u get back.

Fallen_Angel: Are u bossing me about?

tdavis: NO

Fallen_Angel: seems like it.

tdavis: Sorry

Fallen_Angel: ur so guliable ;D

Fallen_Angel had just signed out...

tdavis: She is annoying

WiseOne: I think this might be the starts of love...

tdavis: don't make me kick u out...

WiseOne: fine, fine, I'll be good.

tdavis: thanks

WiseOne: you didn't deny it though! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

tdavis: :@ -_-

NoBetterThanBob has just signed in...

The End

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