A Monkey Named Phil

tdavis: Hmm...let me think...*formulates plan in head*

WiseOne: This could take a while.

Erica.RosexX: Let's just sign off and come back in a year.

tdavis: Ha...ha...you're too funny...

Fallen_Angel: :D

tdavis: Hmmmm...

DollfacePup: Hey has anyone here read the Twilight books?

WiseOne: ...

Erica.RosexX: ...

Fallen_Angel: ...

tdavis: ...?

DollfacePup: No one?

WiseOne: You read the Twilight books?

tdavis: You READ?

DollfacePup: Why? What's wrong with Twilight?

tdavis: I've seen the movies, and I hated them so the books can't be good either.

WiseOne: Same here. Well, actually, I've only seen the first movie, but that's all I needed to see.

DollfacePup: Again, what's wrong with Twilight?

tdavis: Just tons of, "EDWARD I LOVE YOU!" and then "I LOVE YOU TOO! Wait, we can't be together cause I want to bite you." and then they make out for an hour, a fight scene, more making out, then a scene where he's about to bite her, and then more making out. The End. 

DollfacePup: You're a guy, you wouldn't understand.

tdavis: Yeah yeah.

DollfacePup: insensitive jerk...

Fallen_Angel: :D

KitKat12: Holy crap guys.

Fallen_Angel: What?

tdavis: What?

KitKat12: tdavis still hasn't come up with a diabolical plan.

WiseOne: Oh. lol

DollfacePup: HAHA!

Fallen_Angel: True.

Erica.RosexX: That's funny!

tdavis: Quit your yapping. I got a plan. It's not for taking over the world, but it'll be fun and diabolical.

WiseOne: If we're not taking over the world, it can't be productive.

tdavis: Just shut up! :D

WiseOne: Technically I'm not talking.

tdavis: *rolls eyes* Anyway!!

Fallen_Angel: What's the plan?

tdavis: ACTUALLY, it involves you.

Fallen_Angel: Who me?

tdavis: No. A monkey named Phil.

Fallen_Angel: ...

DollfacePup: ...

Erica.RosexX: ...

KitKat12: ...

WiseOne: ...*cough*

DollfacePup: Why a monkey?

Erica.RosexX: Why Phil?

Fallen_Angel: Was that supposed to be funny?

tdavis: GIVE ME A BREAK! Anyway, let me finish my plan.

WiseOne: Haven't really started yet.

tdavis: UGH!! I'm just going to tell my plan as simply as possible, so you idiots can understand it! Fallen_Angel will go invisible and we'll wait to see if NoBetter ThanBob comes back on. We can ask him why he hates Fallen_Angel, and then after he tells us, she can sign back on. :D How about it?

WiseOne: Wow! Did your mom help you out with that?


WiseOne: Nope.

Fallen_Angel has just signed out...

Fallen_Angel: Not really, I'm right here.

tdavis: Okay cool, now shut up and don't talk....

tdavis: Come to think of it, WiseOne should go invisible and not talk either.

WiseOne: Ha...ha.

NoBetterThanBob has just signed on...

The End

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