Taking Over The World

NoBetterThanBob: Is she still here?

Fallen_Angel: What is your problem with me???

NoBetterThanBob has just signed out...

tdavis: And there he goes yet again..

KitKat12: Very weird. And you have no idea what's going on, Fallen_Angel?

Fallen_Angel: Nope.

FallingLeaves has just signed on...

FallingLeaves: Hello.

WiseOne: Hey! Long time, no see.

FallingLeaves: Yeh, I've been busy. Homework is such a pain.

DollfacePup: Too true.

tdavis: Let me take a guess. FallingLeaves is another girl.

FallingLeaves: Yes?

WiseOne: tdavis feels left out because he's the only guy. There is one more guy, but he keeps signing in and out. Long story.

KitKat12: Just plain weird.

WiseOne: So I was thinking...

tdavis: You were, huh? That's a surprise :D

WiseOne: Aren't you hilarious? As I was saying, who would like to take over the world?

DollfacePup: Huh?

tdavis: I wouldn't mind. You got a plan?

WiseOne: Not really..

KitKat12: Who wouldn't wanna take over the world??

FallingLeaves: I wouldn't. Way too much responsibility if you wanna rule the whole world.

tdavis: lol. Guess that's true..

WiseOne: Well, I would love to. The world needs new leaders. We could be them.

Erica.RosexX: Haha. Yeah, that would be cool!

WiseOne: So if anyone comes up with a plan, do let me know. We'll make it happen ;D

tdavis: I consider myself a young genius..

WiseOne: Of course you do.

tdavis: So if anyone can come up with a plan, I can.

Erica.RosexX: Let's hope you can brainstorm up some diabolical plan. We shall keep our fingers crossed ;)





The End

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