This is really fun to watch!!

tdavis: Oh no?

NoBetterThanBob: It's her!!

NoBetterThanBob has just signed out...

Fallen_Angel: Who? Me?

tdavis: I guess....strange....

WiseOne: Yes...very...

Fallen_Angel: Anyone here 13?

tdavis: I AM! Finally someone my age...wait...let me're a girl.

Fallen_Angel: that a problem?

tdavis: No! Not at all! Just that it's like EVERYONE here is female.

Fallen_Angel: What about that Bob guy?

tdavis: Eh. He's boy...ish.

DollfacePup has just signed in...

DollfacePup: Sorry about computer was FREAKIN out!

tdavis: No problemo.

Fallen_Angel: Hello.

DollfacePup: Ooh, new people.

tdavis: Lots.

KitKat12: Hi.

Erica.RosexX: Sup.

DollfacePup: WOW! Who started this chatroom server anyway?

tdavis: That would be me!

Fallen_Angel: Oooh! That's cool!

tdavis: You better believe it.

NoBetterThanBob has just signed on...

tdavis: THERE YOU ARE!! xD why'd you leave?

NoBetterThanBob: Because of Fallen_Angel

Fallen_Angel: What about me?

NoBetterThanBob: AHHH!!!

NoBetterThanBob has just signed out...

Fallen_Angel: What the heck?

tdavis: No idea.

WiseOne: He's acting like your his ex-wife or something.

Fallen_Angel: I'm a little young to be his ex-wife...

WiseOne: Ex girlfriend?

Fallen_Angel: he's some kid from third grade, I have no idea who he is...

WiseOne: Interesting.

KitKat12: Hey, y is everyone acting all weird?

WiseOne: Good question.

tdavis: Wish I had the answer...

Erica.RosexX: This is a REALLY fun chatroom to be on. Very fun to watch the conversations. It's exciting!

tdavis: lol

WiseOne: Hey! It's true.

KitKat12: haha

Fallen_Angel: I wish he would come back on and he'd tell us why he hates me...

tdavis: Maybe he has Uranophobia or Ouranophobia!

Fallen_Angel: ?

tdavis: The fear of heaven.

Fallen_Angel: I don't get it.

tdavis: Your username...:/


WiseOne: *sarcasm* Good one.

tdavis: :) you guys are jerks.

WiseOne: Yes. Yes we are.

Erica.RosexX: MAN! This is really fun to watch.

NoBetterThanBob has just signed on...

NoBetterThanBob: Is she still here?

The End

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