Ages, and what nots.

KitKat12: I'm avoiding revision 

WiseOne: who isn't ...

tdavis : I'm not. How old are all you guys... and girls?

KitKat12: I'm 17

LittleLea: I'm 17 too :D.

Erica.RosexX: I'm fifteen 

WiseOne : And Your drinking !! ?

Erica.RosexX : Noo... Everyone else is. I'm not, I'm hiding remember. 

WiseOne: I see. 

LittleLea: I'm going, be back on in five. 

KitKat12: See you later. 

LittleLea just signed out... 

tdavis : Bye LittleLea.

tdavis : Oh she's gone already. 

Fallen_Angel has just signed in...

Fallen_Angel: Hey everyone!

The End

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