Party Time

Erica.RosexX: What about cows??

WiseOne: Nothing... I was just expressing a feeling

KitKat12: With a Cow???

WiseOne: Never mind

tdavis: Yeah, How r u new people doing???

KitKat12: fine thanks

NoBetterThanBob: Doing okay

Erica.RosexX: Hiding from my bf at a party... I'm not doing so good

WiseOne: why you hiding from him???

Erica.RosexX: Drunk... everyone's drunk basically

NoBetterThanBob: Hmm, that must be irritating

KitKat12: I enjoy a party but that place seems rough

Erica.RosexX: It is rough.... oh wait....

                           - No its okay

tdavis: I'm getting lost????

LittleLea: Me too

WiseOne: Being quiet again LittleLea

LittleLea: Of course ;P

Erica.RosexX: What's happening with everyone else then???

The End

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