Greetings and Periods

tdavis: Hello? Anybody home?

LittleLea: I'm home.

DollfacePup: Here.

WiseOne: Hi.

tdavis: Hello everyone!

WiseOne: What's up?

tdavis: Nothing much, you guys?

WiseOne: Nothing really. Just sitting here talking to you guys.

DollfacePup: Nice.

tdavis: Yes. Nice indeed.

tdavis: Hey LittleLea, why aren't you talking?

LittleLea: No reason. Just didn't have anything to say I guess.

WiseOne: So most of you come here often, right?

tdavis: I do.

DollfacePup: I do too!

LittleLea: I come on here occasionally, yes.

WiseOne: Me too.

tdavis: ...

WiseOne: ...

tdavis: .....

WiseOne: Oh please don't tell me you're starting those period contest things. I have enough periods as it is.

LittleLea: LOL!!

tdavis: ...I don't get it.

DollfacePup: Haha, you wouldn't. You're a guy, right?

tdavis: Yes. And all three of you are girls?!

DollfacePup: Well, by WiseOne's joke, she must be a girl. LittleLea and me are girls yes.

tdavis: Oh great. Now I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

LittleLea: Calm down. We don't bite...over the internet. ;)

tdavis: You guys are scaring me...

tdavis: :D

DollfacePup: OH! Gotta go!

DollfacePup just signed out...

tdavis: bye!

LittleLea: ttyl

WiseOne: Later.

tdavis: So, all of us live in the U.S. I presume?

KitKat12 has just signed on...

Erica.RosexX has just signed on...

NoBetterThanBob has just signed on...

tdavis: WHOA! Where did all the people come from?!

KitKat12: hello everyone!

Erica.RosexX: Sup.

NoBetterThanBob: What up people?

WiseOne: Oh cow...


The End

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