Daylight DeathMature


Limitless rage coiled inside and pushed me forward as I leapt toward this fiend; a decisive almost effortless vault through the air carried me face to face with him.

He hadn’t finished his fumbled reload before I was upon him; his crossbow rattled across the ground and clattered off a tree as I ripped it from his grasp, propelling it to the left of us. I could hear his lungs rattling as he breathed and his heart pumping nearly beyond its limits for a man of his age.

In a page right out of Bram Stoker’s 1897 book: “Dracula,” I bared my teeth and sliced through his cheek with my claws; warm living blood immediately spurting from the slashes. This kill was different. It was my first in daylight and it was brilliant. The blood was so shiny, crimson and full of life in the sunlight! His skin was flushed and yet growing grey and pale at the same time; probably due to shock.

He was screaming as I pinned him hard to the ground with a thud that knocked some of the scream out of him along with his breath. This daylight ground had brown dirt and green mossy grass. This was so different than hunting at night; where the world is muted, with grey shades of darkness. This was Disney-like color – crisp and clean and blazing with light. Different also were the people on the other side of the hill; and near the lake. Were they hearing his anguished screams? Would they come streaming over the hill to investigate the noise?

It occurred to me that I needed to end this quickly, and I prepared to stop his anguish with a final lunge. A lunge that would tear a hole in his throat allowing me to ravenously drink until his screaming and heart were silent. My wrathful eyes would be the last thing he saw in this world. As I was about to strike, his wild eyes caught mine and I recognized something hauntingly familiar… They were pale blue..    

The End

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