Dewitt leads a vampire clan that has recently been given something speacial - the ability to walk in daylight! This is something new!

Somehow I knew I'd miss being relegated to the night. For so long, I'd learned lived with the darkness and the creatures in it. This seemed odd and foreboding. What seemed like eons ago I’d become one of them; brothers and sisters of the night. The simple darkness defined us. We hunted our prey in it and many times cavorted deliriously until daylight’s first twinges arrived over the horizon.

Now, we were walking in the light, and just like the first days after I’d learned we were all night walkers, chained to the darkness; this was the first day of something new. I was cautious but welcomed the newness of it like a child with a new toy.

We - this blood thirsty gang, paused as one before going out into the open sunlight. “Hesitation be damned!” I said and walked right out. I could feel a tingle in my veins, like the last few remnants of an Alka-Seltzer as it finished fizzling into the clear nothingness of water.

Charlotte, my dark beauty, slid up beside me and clasped my hand in hers. Looking into her pale blue eyes, I bent down and gave her a kiss. Pulling back suddenly, and looking at me as if she’s discovered my heart was beating; she said “Your lips are… uhmmm why their warm!  A smile came across her face and rushing to my arms, we kissed deeply, savoring the heat of each other.

Finally parting, she looked at me - “What do we do now?”

“I’d like to go down to the lake. Just over the hill to watch the people and animals for a little while,” I said as I strode off in the direction of the lake.

“Well hang on then!” Charlotte called behind me. “That’s right! Just leave me standing here eh!”

Glancing backward, I saw Charlotte break into a jog so she could catch up.  The rest of our group was going off in another direction.

I made it to the top of the small hill overlooking the lake and looked down upon the crystal and sparkling scene. There were ducks and swans in the lake and about it's edges. People were sitting on benches strategically placed. This place was so bloody familiar and yet foreign looking in the daylight. I paused and took in the whole of it for a long moment…

“Dewitt!” I heard Charlotte cry out..”   “Dewitt! I’ve… what the… oh shit! I’ve been shot!” 

Turning from the pastoral scene below, I saw Charlotte on her knees. Some sort of arrow protruding from between her ample breasts.

A trickle of blood came from the corner of her mouth; her eyes were wide with fear.

Off to the left, nearly hidden behind a large tree, a man stood with something in his hands. “Charlotte!” I cried and instinctively started running toward the man as fast as I could. As I passed by Charlotte, her lovely white hand touched me and instantly turned grey. She fell apart, pieces of dust hitting the sun-bathed ground where she'd just been whole and lovely and now blowing away on the breeze.

“God damn you!” I cried.

I was about half way to him now. The man looked startled. He picked up another arrow from the ground beside him, and began drawing the cross bow string taught to reload.  

“Ha! I knew it!” he yelled at me as I hurdled toward him. “You’re easy to see now! You bastards are so easy to see now eh!  

He was fumbling with his cross-bow as I closed on him.  

The End

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