Freakin LovelyMature

Wasn't this freakin lovely? Lexi wanted nothing to do with this place or these people. The doctor had some multiple personality issues, the scarred girl was just plain scary, the dragon boy was just drugged, Boco was.....Boco, the other girl was a mutant that could conjure things up with her mind, and she was sitting next to a five year old hooker. Just a normal day, ya know? The only person Lexi actually liked was the vampire that tried to kill Talon.

"So, I believe you're next Alexia?" the crazy doctor asked, switching to his calm demeanor.

Lexi snorted. "Don't call me Alexia. It's Lexi."

The doctor smiled. "Lexi then. Why don't you tell us about yourself?"

A sigh escaped her pale pink lips. "You want me to tell you all about myself? About how I can see stuff in my dreams? Like how I saw my dad die seven times over and then it actually happened on my birthday? I was just a kid. No one believed me. Then I saw my grandma die from cancer. My mom committed suicide because she lost the love of her life and her mom. And of course she had to do it on my sixteenth birthday. My uncle took me in but he couldn't deal with me so he sent me off to some fancy school." Lexi smiled grimly. "Turns out it's a school of vamps and I'm the only human. But I felt excepted. For once... I got my first boyfriend that fed from me on our first date. I almost got raped by my teacher. My vampire best friend is pregnant with twins and was in a car accident that I could have prevented. I saw it! I saw her crash through the damn window! And so did the twin of the Egyptian God of Death."

She could have stopped anytime but she just couldn't, the words spilling out of her mouth, tears flowing steadily down her cheeks. "Now Liz's husband blames me because I saw it and could have stopped it from happening." Why couldn't she stop talking? "So Liz may die, and her future children may die and it's all my fault."

Lexi was finally done. And no one said a word. The entire room was quiet, only soft breathing and Lexi's nearly inaudible sobs penetrated the silence.

Lexi met the eyes of the doctor, wishing she had Freya's ability so she could literally shoot daggers at the bastard. "Is that what you wanted to know?!" she finally shouted, salty tears still streaming down her face, blurring her red vision. "Isn't my life peachy fucking keen?"

She buried her face in her hands, ashamed of every weak word that had spilled out of her mouth. She hadn't come here to be weak and ramble, only to pretend like this was affecting her. How had her plan gone so wrong? Was it something that the doctor had done? If it was, she had a feeling that the tears weren't done just quite yet. Freakin lovely.

The End

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