Confession of Utter LonelinessMature


Talon sat back in his seat, holding his throat. Several thoughts whirled through his
head. How had she known what he was?  He didn’t tell anyone. At least not anyone that was a part of this crazy group of people. A psycho with a murderous personality, a vampire that apparently wanted to suck his life blood from his veins, a five year old hooker that he already detested for her dropping into such a vice at that age, another young girl that look like a younger clone of the vampire, a person that was automatically designated as a “mutant” when he read everyone’s mind, and Boco was the comic relief and Talon could tell he would get along with said Boco on a few levels.

As much as he would hate it, he soon realized that he would have to divulge his
demons at one point or another. He made the decision to do it now and get it
over with. He took a deep breath and stood up. “Well, I can see we’re all going
to get along quite well. I don’t know how many of you caught what Star said but
it is true, I have scales.” He sent the neural signal to his arm and it took its true form to some degree, showing crimson scales and a hand capped with onyx black claws. “I’m a dragon. I’m here because 1: I have a really bad anger issue, 2: I’ve lost my entire family, and 3: I died, failing to save my family from destruction. I’ve been poisoned, stabbed, crushed, you name it. So if you want to kill me, go right ahead. I won’t stop you because I don’t care anymore. The only person I have left is the one that brought me here to this forsaken place.”

The doctor in the middle looked right at him, his face calm and cool. “So you do
still have someone.”

Talon let a feral growl loose from his core. “That person is the one who arranged my
deaths and the deaths of everyone I ever loved!” He neared the doctor he
already hated, his hands burning from within. “Now unless you have something
helpful to say to me, I would li-“

The doctor pulled from his smock a syringe and stuck into the dragon/man’s neck.
The effect was instantaneous as the man suddenly collapsed into a heap on the
floor, knocked out cold by whatever was in the syringe. The doctor picked the
disguised dragon up with ease and plopped him back into his seat before
addressing the rest of the group. “Would anyone else like to blow up at me

The End

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