First ImpressionsMature



Well.  This was going to get interesting.  Star's been here not even a half hour, and she's already met a crazed psycho-path carrying a stiletto, a dragon/human thing, a mutant, a 'Boco' (no words could describe this one), a little girl who could be the spitting image of Star herself, and a five year old hooker. 

"And what about you?"  Star's attention was directed from her own thoughts to the man who sat in the middle of this strange gathering of Misfit Toys. 

"What about me?"  Star asked, indifferent. 

"Could you perhaps give us a little back ground on who you are?"

Star scoffed.  "Sure.  I'm just going to spill my long life story to a bunch of random strangers that I've known for thirty minutes.  Sounds like fun!"  The fake enthusiasim in her voice was obvious to anyone. 

The man didn't look pleased.

Star sighed and did a short wave.  "Hi.  Name's Star Scarborough --"

"Like the song 'Scarborough Fair'?" asked the mutant girl, her wide eyes trained on Star. 

"Uh, sure," Star said.  "Anyways, I'm a vampire."  Here, Star flashed her fangs to the group.  Some recoiled, others sat perfectly still, acting as if this didn't phase them.  "Don't ask how I was Turned as I'm not in the mood for sharing.  I'm here because I have some slight anger issues.  Maybe."

"Maybe?"  the dragon boy echoed.  "You either know or you don't know.  Plain and simple."

"Don't test me, scaley," Star said.  "I could kill you with a flick of my hand, if I really wanted to."


Star stood up; her metal chair clanging on the floor.  She hadn't fed for a couple of days, and she'd never tasted dragon blood before.  Now could be an opportune moment to find out.  In the blink of an eye, she had her hands around the dragon's neck, intending to choke the life from him. 


Star and the dragon looked towards the man.  He seemed so cool and collected and hearing him shout had sent shockwaves throughout the group.  The man took a deep breath through his nose, and said, "If you all can't refrain from killing each other for the remainder of the meeting, you can go home and not sort out your problems!"

After a few glances around the goup, the psycho knife weilding girl stood up and headed towards the door. 

"I didn't mean that literally.  Sit down!"

Riley glared at the man and stormed back to her seat.  Star had returned to her seat, glaring at the dragon boy as she sat down. 

"Can we all just pretend to get along?"  asked the man, sounding exhausted.  "You all are the hardest group I've had to deal with, and 'failure' isn't in my vocabulary.  You will walk away from this group better people than when you walked in."

Star sighed.  She really wanted to make this work, but it was harding to cooperate when you were here against your will.  However, the sooner she got out of here, the sooner she got back to Jason. 

"Can I continue?" she asked politely. 

"Of course, Star," the man said, smiling.

"So, I've been a vampire for... well, a long time.  I live with a big coven, and we travel a lot.  I love shopping.  I do have anger issues -- I almost tore down a whole forest once -- and don't even talk to me about boy troubles.  Any questions?"

There was silence for a little while, then the little Star look-a-like said:

"You seem nice.  Could we go shopping later?"

Star smiled.  "Sure."

Maybe she could like it here.  Maybe. 

The End

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