Tension and ConfusionMature


The man that held them all there was obviously the doctor, Riley knew instantly with his diffusing personality and smooth hypnotic voice. She didn't like them...any of them, not the crazy man named Boco...not the girl with the purse, no one. She couldn't trust any of them. Moving her chair back a bit, she withdrew her blade but managed to keep it hidden from the doctor who had taken his place at the center of the circle all eyes upon him except for Riley's golden hues. 

"Riley..." he called to her but she just growled, her jaw muscles tightening and his eyes glowing brightly. She didn't need to dignify the man with a response, he just wanted to gain her attention so that he could use his medical techno-babble on her. Brainwash her maybe use the others to get to her. No she wasn't going to fall for his plans and scemes. She wasn't supposed to be here anyways...why had she agreed to come...or right..she hadn't. 

"Riley...please..." the man said and took enough steps towards her that he entered her striking range. All the group was now looking at her, judging her because of her scars, pale snow white skin and eyes like brilliantly shinning topaz. His hand extended out to her and her vision caught it in slow motion, she bristled instantly and lunched. Toppling the tall man onto his back and gaining a statisfying 'oompf' from his lips. She had the speed of a pitt viper as her feet rested on the mans stomach and her hand armed with the stiletto pressed into his throat.

But the one thing she hadn't expected to see in his face was a placid calm. Why wasn't he afraid, she could kill him with just one twitch of her wrist it would be all over and his blood would pool like crimson diamonds on the floor. 

"You don't have to worry Riley...no one here wants to hurt you..." he said, easing to sit up, forcing her into his lap, the dagger still clutched by seering white knuckles. 

"How do you know..." she whispered venomously, tugging her hood over her head so that only the glimmer of her eyes showed from the darkness of her cowl. The doctor chuckled and moved, standing and gesturing to the group around them. The teal and silver eyed girls were looking at her making her skin crawl as she tugged her robes around her snowy skin. What were they looking at? She thought in a whimpery voice. 

"These people all have something that they need to over come or deal with...you need to accept that we are all here to help each other alright?" he asked smiling kindly and Riley could see a small cut she left on his neck that had a single bead of blood glistening down his neck. She shivered a bit and picked herself up moving to her chair and hugging her body. Why...why was the man so calm and kind to her...no one else was like that...no one...nobody had any heart for Riley unless they wanted something...so what did this man want?

The End

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