"No customers, and no candy."Mature

"No customers and no candy."  said Elsie to herself as she entered the room.

"Still, it was worth a try anyway."  

She said thinking again as she sat dow in the last chair for she was last to arrive.

"Please tell the group your name and why you're here."

Looking somewhat offended at first, but then taking a breath like a toddler about to recite the ABC's to a crowd said,

"My name is Elsie, and I'm here because I'm a five year-old hooker, plain and simple."

As shocking as it may sound, this did not come as a surprise to the other attendees, in fact, it explained quite a lot.  She was deathly pale, with dark brunnette hair and piggy tales.  Despite her skin-tone, she had three vibrant freckles on each cheak.  She was wearing clip on earings, with a red and white striped dress with two red buttons on the straps.  She was also sporting a small, white purse, like one her own mother probably played with.  And once again despite the unorthodoxy of the specimen, she had two, pure white front teeth, that glistened like a daisy in a wasteland when she smiled.  This was all tied up neatly by a pair of pink, plastic, toy high-heels.  All resounding with the obvciously pertruding pink underwear.  It was like the living form of an inner Twiggy Ramirez. 

The End

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