Insanity Be Thy NameMature


A loud screech filled the streets. Green streaks flashed by house and home. People could only see the wording on the side of the vehicle, The Party Van. The driver, a tall man with black hair and the passenger, muscular with lavender hair talked about their current situation.

"Chaos, don't you think you're driving a little too fast," the passenger said as they rounded a turn. He held his breath as the van started to travel on two wheels.

"This isn't fast enough! The bloody guy needs to go to the therapist!" said Chaos as he righted the vehicle back on four wheels. "I have had enough of his constant hijinks, Core! You, of all people, should understand this by now!"

A voice came from the back of the van. "Heh, he said 'the rapist." The voice was then muffled and sounds of struggle could be heard afterwards. It would seem to anyone else that this was a kidnapping. If only it were that easy.

Core looked at a map of the town. "Turn left at the next light then go forward for five more blocks," he instructed. None of them knew where to go. Chaos just suddenly snapped and threw them all in the party van. Core wondered if Chaos even knew where he was going.

Therapist.. This wasn't going to go well.

Chaos turned harshly yet again. "Are you sure that you are looking at that map correctly," Chaos growled. His temper was reaching an all time high. If anything were to happen now then he wouldn't be stopped. He could feel it though. They were close.

Core looked back at the map and instantly shouted, "Turn right, now!"


Everyone in the room was quiet. No one seemed to want anything to do with one another. The man in the center of the circle of chairs looked at his watch. "Ah, our next patient will be here in 3 seconds," said the man.

Suddenly a loud crashing noise could be heard outside. Something must have crashed into the building. Afterwards there was the sound of people running. The footsteps crept closer and closer until the door to the room was kicked open. Three young males threw another young man into the room. "He's your problem now! Let’s go," said a man with black hair. They left just as quickly as they came.

"I'm okay," said the man who was left behind. He scratched his shaggy, dark red hair with his foot. After satisfying his itch, the man jumped into the air and said, "Hi everyone! I'm Boco!"

The man in the center of the room stood up and asked for Boco to take a seat. Boco obliged and sat in the chair next to the only other guy there. Though now, he was sitting upside-down with his head to the ground and his feet in the air. Boco proceeded to pull a lollipop from his jacket pocket and started nibbling on it.

The End

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